Develop Good Habits


Simple and modern design with colorful heat maps to help you achieve goals and stay motivated. Set multiple habits, establish goals, and track progress.

Habit Data Statistics
HabitDone provides comprehensive data statistics to help you have a clear understanding of your habit formation. Whether it's the total number of check-ins, this month's habit execution, this week's progress, or an overview of the year, HabitDone can display it in a clear and intuitive way. In addition, you can easily view and manage the goals you set, the reminder cycle, and the deadline for the habit within the app, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your goals and can continuously track progress.
Multiple Check-ins
HabitDone allows you to check in multiple times in one day, with all check-ins counted as one completion, simplifying your habit tracking. A unique heatmap displays your daily check-in frequency with varying color shades, while a calendar view presents your daily achievements through circular progress bars.
Extensive Habit Customization
HabitDone lets you fully customize your habit tracking experience, from naming habits and adding descriptions, to choosing unique icons and theme colors, to setting notification preferences, daily completion frequency, goal setting, and the time limit for sticking to a habit. It meets all your personalized needs for habit tracking.
System Notifications
HabitDone offers flexible reminder settings, allowing you to set reminders for any day of the week and any time of day based on your schedule and habit needs. You can choose the most suitable reminder time based on the nature of your habit, ensuring you receive notifications at critical moments to remind you to check in or perform the corresponding habit actions.
Graph Analysis
HabitDone brings a variety of data views to your habit formation journey, including intuitive heatmaps, trend-showing line charts, data point scatter plots, and clear calendar views. Multi-angle analysis tools help you easily switch between annual and monthly views, conveniently check daily check-in details and monthly cumulative check-in numbers, providing comprehensive progress feedback and habit insights.
Carefully Selected Theme Colors
HabitDone has carefully selected a range of vibrant theme colors to add color to your habit tracking and inspire your desire to persist and complete daily check-ins. Our color selection aims to enhance the user experience, making your habit management both attractive and motivating.